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Esteamed Carpet Cleaning provides a Professional Leather & Upholstery Cleaning Service

Only Esteamed Carpet Cleaning offers a Unique Cleaning Process using Eco-Friendly   Products providing Excellent Results & Clean and Dry Upholstery in approximately One to Four Hours

Upholstery cleaning service comprises of Three different Service Packages:

  • Deep Clean
  • Deep Clean and Protect
  • Deep Clean, Protect and Deodorise
We don’t sign-off a job until our clients are 100% delighted with our cleaning service ….Guaranteed.


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We provide the most thorough Deep Clean including:

  • Thorough pre-clean inspection
  • Fabric Identification
  • Review of pre-existing condition of your Sofa or upholstered items
  • Sofa Fabric compatibility test
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Final Inspection and customer approval once cleaning process is completed


Benefits Include:

  • Fantastic Results and Clean Fresh Smell left by using Natural Products        (No nasty Chemical smells lingering for hours)
  • Eco Friendly Natural Solutions used ensuring No Colour or Fibre Damage
  • Safe for Babies….Pets & You
  • Fast Drying Fabrics & Quick Drying Times
  • No Re-Soiling ensuring Upholstery stays cleaner for Longer
  • Trust & Confidence in the Knowledge All Carpets, Upholstery and Sofas Professionally cleaned by Myself Sean Goodridge


Stain Removal:

If I can’t get a Stain Removed, Then No One Can…Esteamed Carpet Cleaning Promise.

I use the most Advanced Eco-Friendly Stain removal products on the Market Today.

Ideally the best chance of removing stains is to deal with them as quickly as Possible.

Whilst many stains can be removed when they occur, some require the Technical skill and Advanced cleaning solutions of expert stain removers.

Esteamed Carpet Cleaning has an Extensive range of Professional products and solutions and Knowledge do deal with even the most stubborn stains.

Give Esteamed Carpet Cleaning a call now if you have any stain removal requirements.

Why not enhance the life of Your Upholstery Sofas & Carpets and Upgrade from a Deep Clean to Clean & Protect by letting Esteamed Carpet Cleaning applies a Fabric & Fibre Stain Protector to protect your investment.

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