Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Leeds & Hard Floor Cleaners Leeds

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Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Leeds
Hard Stone Floor Cleaning Leeds
Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Leeds

Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Leeds & Hard Floor Cleaning Leeds


Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Leeds, At Esteamed, we care for your stone floors including slate, Yorkshire stone, marble, travertine, ceramic and porcelain tiles. These floors have been cleaned and treated with a stone sealer or a stain resistant impregnator.

If you want to enhance the look of your home, a stone floor’s natural and unique beauty is a good choice. However stone floors need regular care and professional cleaning with natural stone cleaning if they are to retain their good looks. Fortunately, when it comes to the best professional natural stone floor cleaning Leeds has to offer, you can choose Esteamed Natural Stone Floor Cleaning & Hard Floor Cleaners, because we specialise in the unique Tile Master cleaning system.

Granite, slate, limestone, sandstone or marble are just some of the many stones and minerals that can be used to create natural stone floors. Stone is a natural substance that can react badly to harsh cleaning products, such as degreasers, bleach, or vinegar, because the surface is formed of delicate minerals. Thus, it is important to use products that have been specially designed for use on stone surfaces, such as the Tile Master cleaning range for great floor restoration.


Esteamed Stone Floor Cleaning process– We have a wide range of commercial & industrial machines for the toughest of stone floor cleans from oscillating machines to robust rotary cleaning machines.

All areas are machine cleaned followed by dirt pick up and rinsing with powerful  extraction units for a perfectly clean environment, after speed drying with our industry approved pod dryers/blowers, once floors or floor tiles are dry from here we can apply a seal for protection of  your clean natural stone floor from dirt and penetration.

Using commercial grade oscillating technology and rotary machines (please see machines below) subject to thorough testing we are able to clean even the most dirty floors removing general dirt and grease, and extreme build up of dirt to restore stone floors to there former glory. 

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Amtico and Karndean are types of vinyl-based flooring that are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms because they are very hygienic flooring options.

Vinyl flooring should be looked after properly in order to maintain its optimum condition. A couple of cleans a year should keep it looking good as new.

Depending on the job at hand we may sheet up, this means that we protect anything that needs protecting before we start adding moisture to the room.

The cleaning procedure is as below 

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The Tile Master
Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Leeds
kardean floor cleaning

Karndean Floor Cleaning

We start the floor cleaning procedure of Karndean floors with a quick brush and vacuum. Then cleaning solution is sprayed down onto the floor, left for the allotted time, and then we move in with a light rotary machine and a soft scrub pad to assist the solution in its cleaning.
Some Karndeans have deep grooves to give a tile effect or wooden board effect so we use a grout brush to get deep down into the grooves. Then we use a soft brush for the edges, the next step is to rinse the floor tiles using our special gecko wand, this wand allows us to jet hot water onto the floor without making a mess and spraying water everywhere. It has a contained head which is surrounded by a rubber squeegee to contain the water, it also has a vacuum attached to suck up all the water which then goes straight back to our van outside. Once the floor has dried it’s inspected for any remaining dirt. 
We then use dryers to get the floor as dry as possible, ready for the sealer. We have 3 types of sealer for Karndean or Amtico flooring – matt, satin and high shine. They all give a great protective finish for easy cleaning and maintenance.
No other stone floor, floor cleaning  & carpet cleaning company in Leeds 
Delivers more value than Esteamed. 

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Upholstery Cleaning

Our reliable cleaning process provides excellent results, with clean and dry upholstery in 1- 4 hours. 

Leather Cleaning

Breathe new life into your leather furniture. We don’t sign-off a job until our clients are 100% happy with our cleaning service. 

Stain Removal

We use the most advanced eco-friendly stain removal products on the market today. This ensures stain removal is easier and stains are dealt with as quickly as possible. 

Hard Floor Cleaning

Vinyl flooring should be looked after properly in order to maintain its optimum condition. A couple of cleans a year should keep it looking good as new. 

Deodorisation Steam Cleaning

We use a unique cleaning process, Using natural child, asthma and Eco pet-friendly carpet cleaning solutions.

Coronavirus Decontamination Fogging Sanitisation

For homeowners concerned they have been in contact with somebody with Covid-19, or have a family member, friend or work colleague that has been ill, fogging and deep cleaning offers reassurance that your home is 99.9% free of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Natural Stone Floor Cleaning & Hard Floor Cleaners

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