How often to wash carpets- 5 interesting factors to consider

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Everyone who use carpets bothers about how often to wash carpets as carpets , rugs and sofas add more beauty to your home by decorating the living area. Cleanliness and sanitization is more important for the health of family members and durability of carpets.

How often to wash carpets
How often to wash carpets

Here are 5 factors to be considered when you are deciding to wash carpets. They will help you to select the appropriate time and cleaning method accordingly.

  • Having kids and pets
  • Traffic level of the premises
  • Color and texture of the carpets
  • Health conditions of family members
  • Habits of family members

1. How often to wash carpets when you are having kids and pets

Kids love to always be at the living area. And also they entertain playing on carpets. They are main creators of stains on your rugs. Kids make dirty carpets with muddy feet, paintings, food debris, water and other liquid and too many things.

It is better to vacuum our carpets daily when there are kids. At least twice a week you must vacuum those. As experts in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning we Esteamed carpet cleaners suggest you to go far a professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year as it is necessary to maintain good hygiene of living area to protect your child’s health.

Pets also make dirt the carpets with their muddy paws and shaking off pet dander all the time. Do manual cleaning by vacuum can be recommended as daily routine. But  call the professional carpet cleaner or steam cleaning agent at least every 3-6 months or every 6 months if you want to make sure everything is gone.

2. Traffic level of the premises

The decision making on how often to wash carpets is based on the daily crowd of the resident. If there are many people stay daily at the premises you need to regular vacuuming and shampooing to avoid dirt on carpets. Professionals recommend two times a week vacuuming for high traffic area while once a week for low traffic area.

3. Color and texture of the carpets

The color and the texture are important facts to consider when decide how often to wash carpets. It is no need to regular cleaning for dark color carpets. Though the light color or white color carpets and rugs may help you to make your home more attractive, light or white color carpets need to be cleaned twice a week at least. Light color carpets need a professional cleaning method to cure the stains dust 100%.

And also the material made with and the texture affects on the decision. Cleaning method vary on whether the rug has soft fiber or leather. On the other hand some carpets have loosely bound fibers or damaged fibers or more thinner soft fibers. It is need to care about that type of rugs too. Esteamed provides separate cleaning routines accordingly.

4. Health conditions of family members

Per hair, dust, mites and microbes live on your carpets for a long time period may cause allergies for the family members or visitors. To ensure the health of them proper cleaning routine is essential. Daily manual vacuuming, regular shampooing helps you to control those allergens to some extent. However for bad allergies, consider bringing in a professional every three months.

5. How often to wash carpets on Habits of family members

Many people forget to consider the habits of the family members when they finding answer on how often to wash carpets. If there are smokers in your home, all that nicotine and tar goes and remains right into your carpet fibers. To avoid them shampoo your carpets at least every 3-6 months by hiring a experienced carpet cleaner. - the world's largest business and community directory covering Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States We are listed in's Carpets and Rugs Listings