New …What Is Hot Water Extraction Cleaning?

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Most home or office owners won’t realize that there are lots of different types of processes available when it comes to carpet cleaning. Most maybe don’t know that there is a new method called “Hot Water Extraction Cleaning” which seems to be the most effective so far.

Carpet cleaning Putney is here to give us the answers to the most frequent questions that come to mind and to help us understand hot water extraction better.

What Is Hot Water Extraction Cleaning?

Hot water extraction is the process of injecting hot water and cleaning solution into the pile of the carpet to dislodge any debris, whilst extracting any dirt and stains from the carpet using powerful wet vacuums. Most reputable carpet cleaning companies will use the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning, simply because it’s much easier and provides optimal cleaning results over the other cleaning methods that are available.

How the hot water extraction carpet cleaning service is done

A hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine usually has two chambers. A solution tank to hold the clean water and cleaning solution and a recovery tank which is where all the dirty water is extracted to.

The hot water extraction process for cleaning your carpets looks something like this:

First, water is mixed with gentle detergents and heated in the equipment’s water compartment. The cleaning products used are usually eco-friendly. Then, the liquid is injected under high pressure directly onto the stained spots in the carpet pile. This dislodges the dirt particles, making them easier to clean. When cleaning the carpet using hot water extraction, the specialist will also apply a chemical that will soften up and degrease the stains even further. Finally, the professional will use the machine again to extract up to 95% of the moisture back along with all the grime contained within the carpet.

The benefits of hot water extraction cleaning

Unlike with interior detailing services the advantages of using the method are quite a few. By using a professional carpet cleaning company that has the latest hot water extraction machines you can benefit from the following:

●        Healthy cleaning method- Water is the only thing used to clean the carpeting, which makes this method suitable for people suffering from allergies or asthma;

●        Eco-Friendly and Green Carpet Cleaning – HWE uses little to no detergents, and what’s being used is perfectly safe for your children, pets, and the environment;

●        It’s The Most Effective Cleaning Method – Unlike dry cleaning and steam cleaning, HWE is able to refresh your rug’s pile from head to toe, leaving it fresh and stain-free for much longer than with the other methods;

●        Quick Drying Time – Because of the small amount of water that is required and the amount of power behind the vacuums that extract the dirty water from your carpet;

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