5 Amazing Reasons to getting a rug professionally cleaned

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1. Getting a rug professionally cleaned is the best option to replace the traditional vacuuming and washing of rugs.

Pets and your kids can create stains on rugs that won’t come out with vacuum cleaners which are make it dirty. Cleaning such rugs and carpets using the old, day to day methods like vacuuming and washing is not effective much to lasts for a whole year. It is better to getting a rug professionally cleaned at least once a year may helps you to make your rugs cleaner and fresher by complete removal of stains. It avoids extra efforts on deep cleaning of rugs. Esteamed professional carpet cleaners have an extensive range of professional products, solutions and knowledge to deal with even the most stubborn stains.

2. A way that save your time.

Traditional vacuum process takes your time everyday. You can getting a rug professionally cleaned while doing your other tasks at anytime of the day. Probably you can manage the rug cleaning with your rug cleaning professionals at your discretion. Then you don’t want to add rug cleaning task to your 1To Do List each day. You won’t worry about cleaning and drying your rugs and carpets anymore with esteamed. In traditional cleaning you have to wait some about 06 hours to repopulate the cleaned area until those area get dry. Getting a rug professionally cleaned with our rug cleaning process you can experience a ultra quick drying time between 1-4 hours.

We are ready to give our service at anytime you want us. Our team will reach the place even in the evenings, weekends, or through the night.

Getting a rug professionally cleaned

3. Getting a rug professionally cleaned is mostly cost effective.

Heavy vacuuming machines, detergents and odorants that need to buy for your rugs may give you high costs. Sometimes you have to buy some different shampoos matching to your different rug materials. And also frequent heavy vacuum cleaning in everyday can cause other extra costs such as electricity bills, cost on disinfectants use for sanitization purpose. Hence getting a rug professionally cleaned is the most cost effective way comparatively.

4. Professional cleaning assures durability of your rugs.

Cleaning of your rugs using water and different detergents can harm to rugs. Chemicals in shampoo use to clean may cause to discoloration as washing away of dyes on your rugs. Heavy vacuum can destroy the smoothness of the rug as it damages to the soft fibers, ultimately resulting tearing or lowering the durability. Therefore rugs need to be cleaned according to their qualities, texture and thickness. Getting a rug professionally cleaned with high technical and skillful cleaning process can 100% assure the durability of the rugs. Dry cleaning process followed by the professionals is a better way to assure both cleanliness and protection at once.

5. Getting a rug professionally cleaned provides hygiene for your rugs.

Rugs are homes for pathogenic agents like dust, allergens, and bacteria. Failure to destroy those agents properly may leads your family members different health issues such as asthma. Remaining dust and germs for a prolonged period cause to make unpleasant lingering odors. Furthermore some detergents and shampoos may be allergic you, and loved ones Usual manual carpet cleaning is not enough to removal those agents and odors. Getting a rug professionally cleaned helps you to destroy all those germs and pollutants in order to bring a fresh good smell to the rugs and and enhance air quality, finally protect the hygiene.

We guaranteed that our Esteamed carpet cleaning professionals only use high quality organic eco friendly shampoos and odorants on your rugs. Even you can call us for rug cleaning in premises contaminated by Bacteria, Virus, Fungi and Molds.

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