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Steam cleaning a newly introduces cleaning technology that almost many companies use currently. Esteamed also engaged with this advance cleaning technology as one of the leading company in steam cleaning Leeds.

Importance of steam cleaning of carpets

Steam cleaning is the use of steam/ hot water vapors to clean the carpets and sofas. Steam cleaning is suitable for removal of oils, greases and other contaminants by thinning them with heated water vapors and detergents. When used with detergent, the cleaning power of steam cleaning can be increased significantly, including loose heavy contamination and even existing paints and coatings.

Steam cleaning is less water consuming carpet cleaning technology, thus it takes lower drying time. Therefore it is more relevant to offices, restaurants like busy crowded premises to make a quick carpet cleaning.

steam cleaning Leeds
steam cleaning Leeds

Advantages of steam cleaning

  1. Removal of stains of paints, allergens such as pet hair, dust, mites like most of pollutants trapped into your carpets, sofas, mattresses.
  2. Prevent occurring of molds and microbes.
  3. Extend the durability of carpets and other upholstery. Regular washing with harsh chemicals and high moisture can harm to the fabrics of your carpets.
  4. Refresh the air and the surrounding of the cleaned premises by removing unpleasant odors.
  5. Cost effective and efficient way of cleaning. Use less equipment in this technology compared to wet cleaning processes.

Esteamed as leader in steam cleaning Leeds

We provide power advanced steam cleaning systems, With the latest powerful technology in machinery. Our machinery are not do it yourself or hired machines. These types of hired machinery will only clean the surface of your fibers and you will find using detergents will quickly re-soil your carpet sometimes leaving smells and odors. We invest £1000’s in our machinery with the best industry machines. Thus we became an excellent in steam cleaning Leeds. We can cover a large range of area up to 5000 sq meters in houses and commercial areas if required.

Esteamed steam cleaning Leeds will never guarantee to remove every single stain from your carpet (for example, fiber damage can look like staining), But what we give can assure is your carpet will be fully deep cleaned and promise a major difference ! We also automatically include carpet deodorizer and sanitizer for free !

We provide our customers with the tools & force for the excellent job you expect from the best and leading Leeds industry cleaning group. Our prices tend to reflect this quality, We don’t pretend to be the cheapest around, However, our mid range prices will meet the needs of the majority of our customers.

Esteamed steam cleaner Leeds absolutely give you more benefits more than other companies of steam cleaning Leeds.

  • Removes covid 19 from contaminated areas.
  • Kills 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses and other pathogens.
  • You can repopulate areas quickly. More applicable for office and institutes.
  • Keeps down time to the absolute minimum. Approximately one to six hours drying duration.
  • We use a disinfectant that is proven by EN14476 tests to kill Covid 19. Child and pet friendly greener products.
  • And you can reopen your premises just six hours after the steam treatment applied.
  • Gets to work directly & immediately after steam cleaning. No worries to rearrange or wipe the premises.
  • Any room disinfected from a toilet to a car interior.
  • Non corrosive to surfaces. assure the durability of the steam cleaned surface without any damage.
  • No clean up or wipe down required after steam cleaning process is taken place.
  • Up to x 10 Times faster than regular traditional cleaning methods.
  • All disinfectants are environmentally family friendly food safe & pet safe
  • All staff fully industry trained & insured to use high technologies for cleaning.
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